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Yearly Events/Schedule

Studio Classes
Studio Classes happen 2-4 times per year, and always two weeks prior to a recital. Studio Classes are similar to a group lesson, providing a chance for the students to play for each other, give feedback to each other, get to know each other, and do some extra activities (including movement, improvisation, music theory games, rhythm activities, etc.).

Piano Party
The "Piano Party" is held in the late Fall/early Winter and often ends up being a Piano Christmas Party! This is an informal recital, involving students only. Students prepare 2-4 pieces to play. Memorization is encouraged but not required.

Formal Recital
The Formal Recital is held once a year, in late Spring/early Summer. This is a public recital, usually held downtown on a Sunday afternoon at Pianoforte Chicago. Students play 2-4 selections, often including some of their own compositions, and are required to memorize at least one selection. Parents, relatives, friends, and the general public are all invited to attend this recital, and students must dress nicely.

Students are encouraged to enter the various competitions held by the Music Teachers National Association, Chicago Area Music Teachers Association, and other local Universities and Conservatories throughout the year.