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What Students and Parents are Saying...

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Terry (student):
With Amy I have access to a conservatory-level music education, but at my own pace, and with tremendous
support and encouragement. She allows me to explore my own musical interests and goals, but she is always building the foundation of technique, theory, expression, improvisation and composition that make a whole musician. She never dumbs-down the material, or resorts to cheap gimmicks, but she also never gives up, and when I am not getting something with one approach, she tries another, and another, and another. My lessons are a treasured highlight of my week.

Bill (parent):
I am a music educator myself, so I feel like I have some sort of expertise in this area. From the
day that my four-year-old daughter started taking lessons with Amy, I could tell this would be an amazing fit! Amy has this exciting combination of qualities as a private instructor: she is an incredible soloist and professional pianist in the Chicago area, she has a real love of teaching and genuine interest in the personalities of her students, plus a solid pedagogical technique. I can't recommend Amy Wurtz highly enough for private piano study!

Jane (student):
As one of Amy's more mature students, I have had a very positive experience. Amy is
extremely knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. My learning under her guidance has been very rewarding.

Eric (parent):
Amy creates challenges that are tailored to the needs of her students. She incorporates performance techniques,
theory, and even composing into her lessons. She responds to my children's questions thoughtfully, truthfully, and without a hint of condescension. On top of this, she is well-organized and establishes and enforces a consistent set of rules and standards for her lessons.

Allison (parent):
Amy has just the right balance of musician and teacher. My children are learning to do so much more than read music.
Most of all, they are developing confidence as musicians, and I think that's because Amy is so knowledgeable, nurturing and patient. Every week, I think how lucky we were to be introduced to Amy.

Brian (student):
I came to Amy looking to improve my technique and expand my repertoire. As a self-taught adult I had acquired
several bad habits. Amy identifies both the weaknesses in my playing that I don't notice and the aspects of interpretation beyond what's printed on the page that no amount of self-study would uncover. That's the benefit of learning piano from an accredited professional versus just a skilled pianist. Her passion and encouragement inspire me to explore areas of music I might never have considered.

Rachel (parent):
What a wonderful talent Miss Amy has when it comes to playing the piano!!! I'm so grateful that she is sharing this talent
in teaching it to others! My child absolutely loves learning how to play. Miss Amy makes it fun and exciting with flash cards and activities. She challenges my child to want to do better and work hard! I love that she is so patient and kind to my child at each session, she lets her go at her own pace. Many thanks to Miss Amy for a job well done! We look forward to many more lessons and recitals!

Aniyah (student):
Miss Amy is so nice to me and she knows how to play the piano very well!! I love playing the piano!